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Australian federal election 2019: Scott Morrison and Bill Shorten head to the polls as voting begins – politics live

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It’s Australian federal election day and polls show a tight race between Labor and the Coalition. Follow all the day’s events live 11.36pm BST Shorten says the vote between Labor and the Coalition has not narrowed as much as the polls — which have winnowed down to 51-49 – would suggest. The result, he says, will be up to the voters.The government has basically run an opposition strategy. We are running on what we want to do for people. All that the government can do is oppose us and talk about us.At the moment in Australia, the rich are getting richer but the middle class are getting squeezed and those on fixed incomes are just falling behind. I have a different economic plan for Australia. My view is that if everyone, men and women, people in the bush, people in the city, the young and the old, all get an equal go, then what happens is – that’s arising tide that lifts all boats.Australia’s too big just to have authoritarian strongmen or Messiahs to run the country. What we actually want is a competent administration. It’s not my fault if I’ve got better politicians on my side than the Liberals. It’s a good thing that Labor doesn’t have to hide their beleaguered ministers…. The problem for the government is they’ve run out of ministers. Some of the best people have jumped seat. 11.29pm BST Is he confident that Labor will win the election?I am confident. It’s now in the judgment of the people. Anything can happen. The arguments have been put and presented. But I am quietly confident that there is a mood to vote for real change. To vote for change, to take real action on climate. To vote for real change to tackle cost of living and get wages moving. To vote for real change to stop the cuts to schools and hospitals. And actually make sure that we can look after our pensioners for the cost of going to see the dentist and help and improve our Medicare system by properly it.I think what we’ve seen is a disillusionment, that the concern government is more focused on fighting itself than it is for the people…. what he’s been saying is that he’s the only one who can form a minority government. I practically had to press the replay button. Australians don’t want minority governments with Clive Palmer calling the shots. They want one government, united and stable for three years. Labor is the best chance of that. Continue reading…

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Publish date : 2019-05-17 22:41:04

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